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TPR Compounds 
EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives

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Philland International Co., Ltd

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Philland International was deeply involved into plastic industry

Philland International mainly plays agent of famous oversea brands: Lubrizol of USA, SK Chemicals of Korean, Hexion of USA; Meanwhile we also manufacture TPR  compounds as well as EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives ourselves.Our materials are mainly used in handles, power tools, manual tools, sports equipments, toys, sextoys, medical parts, modified plastics, wire & cables, sealing elements, etc.

Philland International has her own professional R & D Plant who is focusing on TPR research and business expansion. It can be complied with ROHS and REACH. There are 9 series of TPR products under trademark of “Philprene”, which can be satisfied with customized requirements.
Philland International had developed a series of functional material “Philprene®” for EVA foaming. High value added foaming product is possible to do When adding our EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives
The Lubrizol Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of Polyester. There are 3 registered trademarks TPU products Estane®, Pellethane® and Isoplast®, which are produced by special polymerization process and they are ideal materials for customer choice.

Philland · Product Application

Our products are mainly used in 6 major industries :sports equipment, Industry, 3C, Personal care,                     Automotive and medical market.

Industry   (Wire and cable)            Medical  (Perfusion tube)                        3C  (Jelly Case)               Automotive  (Automotive parts)      Sports equipment  (Sole)      Personal care (Skin care bottle)

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Our company has professional agent qualifications and a group of people who love thermoplastic and high performance plastics

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Our company has a lot of National Class A qualifications

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