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EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives

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EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives

Our company has developed a series of functional products called Philprene® for EVA foaming. When added them into EVA for foaming, high value added foaming material will be produced.Philprene® materials are environment friendly with scraps recyclable. 2047LN is possible to contribute EVA foaming materials with high resilience while preserving the cold resistance of EVA;PH-100 can enhance the flowability of EVA when processing and improve the definition of the products patterns.

High elastic colloid 2047LN


2047LN can be added as an modifier into bridged foaming EVA, PE or POE and rubbers, plastics to enhance the resilience, slip resistance and pliability. And it can replace EPDM to increase the softness when adding into foaming EVA or rubbers. It is suitable for the products that need soft and comfortable touch and high elasticity, such as sports and leisure protection, shoe material, PPE, toys and medical rehabilitation. 


2047LN is a macromolecular material with high resilience, high ductibility and great flexibility under low temperature. It can be added into various rubbers and plastics to enhance the impact strength, cold resistance, pliability and slip resistance of the products.





2047LN is compatible to various rubbers and plastics and is able to improve the pliability of the products. When adding 2047LN into high ratio of recycled materials, the properties of the products will be enhanced to a full extend.

PH-100 is widely used in rubbers and plastics to improve the fluidity of the materials and resolution of the post-processed pattern with few adding percentages.



· Thermal stability and anti-oxidant;
· Great flowability, can improve the processability of rubbers and plastics;
· Facilitate to recycle more scraps and enhance the adhesion strength;
· MD secondary molding results in clearer pattern;
· A wonderful surface can be reached when pattern-mold foaming, especially deep pattern foaming.