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TPR Compounds 
EVA Functional Foaming Masterbatch and Additives

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The company insists in the principle of human resources first, applying proper talents and determining posts as per ability. With the competition mechanism of promoting capable

personnel, letting ordinary people give way, and demoting mediocre people, the company stimulates staffs’ potentials and creative power, gives growth conditions and value promotion to staffs, and measures staffs’ values to the company as per staffs’ abilities and contributions, so that excellent talents with upright conducts, dedication, strong business ability, and

high work efficiency can stand out. Therefore, give full scope to the talents and make full use of talents. 

Recruitment of salesman for long term

 job requirements:
1. Under the age of 32;
2. College degree or above, polymer or material chemistry is preferred;
3. Good professional ethics, positive attitude, responsibility, loyalty and teamwork spirit
4, Hard working under pressure, good communication and coordination ability, Good observation ability and strong flexibility;
5. Familiar with South China, East China, Taiwan and Vietnam plastic market , be able to travel frequently.

Salary and benefits: negotiate face to face.Five-day workweek, social security, housing provident fund, official holidays.


Welcome to join Philland family

please send your CV, relevant education background and professional certificate to the following mailbox if you're interested in our company. sales.dongguan@philland.net

We will organize the interview ASAP and inform you about our arrangement separately. 

Philland respects the privacy right of candidate ,your personal information will be kept in strict confident, but your CV will not be left on.