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Hexion USA

Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc., the world's largest supplier of thermosetting materials, focus on producing and selling of specialty chemicals based on phenolic resin and epoxy resin.

Philland is a core agent of modified phenolic resins from Hexion Bakelite plant in Germany. Dr. Bakelite invented phenolic resins in 1905 and founded Bakelite AG in Germany. In 2005, Bakelite AG was acquired by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexion USA while retained the Bakelite brand. Bakelite phenolic resins are widely used in household appliances, electrical switches, automobiles, electronics, kitchen and bathroom, military and aerospace industries.

We worked with famous brandowner customers including Electrolux, Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Schutter, Texas Instruments, Kaizhong Precision, Bosch, Schaeffler, Valeo, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Daimler, etc.

As a partner of Hexion, we opened branch offices and warehouses in both South China and East China to provide inventory and local technical services.



Kitchenware and home appliances industry


Standard Heat Resistance:PF31    PF2400


Medium Heat Resistance:PF1141   PF 2137


High Heat Resistance:PF 8052     UP 804


Electroplating Grade:PF2760


Switches & Electronic industry - Relay, Transfer bridge, Miniature switch

UP 3620    UP 3720   UP3415  RFT 1221 PF51  PF 83   PF 85   PF2175

Steering device

PF4155     PF4136  MP4165

Transformer skeleton

PF2736  UP3415

Gas meter industry

PF7582  PF7585  PF7595

Automobile industry

PF1110   PF6510 PF6501 PF6507 PF6680  PF7596     PF2874